Listserv Etiquette

The CPSC Google Group is an unmoderated list. There are no "editors" checking to make sure that posts are appropriate. It's up to us! Some guidelines:

  • POST WISELY. Your message will go to many busy people, so please only post items of interest to a wide audience. If your post is intended for just one person, send it to them privately. (And for school policy questions/concerns, please talk to a school administrator!)
  • BE MINDFUL OF THE DIVERSITY OF PEOPLE ON THE LIST which may include parents, teachers, administrators, and even students. Also be aware that many CPSC families do not participate in the listserv.
  • EMBRACE OTHER VIEWPOINTS. Please be thoughtful, be tactful, and avoid venting. Online communication tends to exaggerate feelings, turning small words into big deals. If you have a concern, please follow-up individually and, perhaps, by phone or in person.
  • THINK AHEAD. Messages are sometimes forwarded more widely than their original author intended. Whether you're posting to our group or forwarding a post to other people, think through unintended consequences before clicking "send".
  • USE A SHORT DESCRIPTIVE SUBJECT LINE, so readers can quickly determine what the posting's about, find it later if they need it, or ignore it.
  • EACH TOPIC IN ITS OWN THREAD: If you're starting a new topic, please compose a NEW message to the group -- don't click "reply" on an older, unrelated message and change the subject line. On the group's webpage and in many people's email programs, your new topic will be attached to that unrelated conversation.
  • MENTION FULL DATES — e.g. "Monday, April 12" rather than "tomorrow" or "next Mon" — because not everyone monitors their email regularly.
  • ASK FOR PRIVATE REPLIES. When seeking recommendations for camps or other needs, ask people to reply to your personal email address rather than to the group. If appropriate, post a single summary of the responses for other who might have the same need.
  • KEEP YOUR POSTS SMALL by using links instead of file attachments. Big files may fill some members' small inboxes, preventing them from receiving their email.