What is the CPSC Parent Listserv?

Parents at Central Park School for Children have created a listserv for the school community using Google Groups. Members discuss and share information related to the school, our community, and other matters of interest to fellow parents. 

Topics may include:

  • committee minutes and meeting announcements;
  • community events;
  • discussion of extracurricular or after-school opportunities and intersession camps;
  • requests for help or information;
  • informal reminders about school events.

The listserv is parent-led and is NOT OFFICIALLY AFFILIATED with the school. No official school announcements are made via the listserv.  Posts to the listserv are the opinion of their authors and are not official school policy.

This is a private list — membership is by invitation only — and posts can be read online only by other group members. Keep in mind, though, that others may forward a message more widely than its author intended.

Our listserv is unmoderated; no one approves messages before they're posted. We do ask that members read our Listserv Etiquette Statement.

Will the listserv send me CPSC's Weekly Updates?

No; the listserv is for informal parent-to-parent communication. To get the Weekly Update and other official school announcements via email, see the school's website, cpscNC.org

Will I be drowned in email if I join?

Our listserv is generally low-traffic (a few messages per week) with occasional spikes of higher activity. 

What options do I have for getting listserv messages?

The listserv offers several options for receiving messages:

  • INDIVIDUAL MESSAGES (Default)– Each post is delivered to your e-mail inbox as it is posted to the group. NOTE: While our group is generally very low-traffic, there are occasional spikes of activity in which there might be ten or more posts in a day.
  • DAILY DIGEST - Receive the entire day's posts in a single e-mail message
  • NO EMAIL - Log onto the group's page to read the messages at your convenience. You will need a Google account to do so.

If you have a Google account, you can change these preferences yourself.  Otherwise, send an email to one of the administrators (see How to Join) and request the change.

How will I know I'm getting listserv messages?

Emails sent to the group are identified by the words [Parents of Central Park School] in the subject line.